Sunday, November 23, 2008


Hey everyone!! So sorry that a few e-mails from August, September, & October just now came through to my inbox! Not sure what happened there, but I just got them!! In order to {hopefully} prevent this from happening again, I have just decided that blog design orders can go straight to my personal e-mail address which has never had any sort of problems!

If you are still interested in a bloggie design, I will gladly bump these orders to the top of the waiting list! :)

Sorry for any inconvenience!


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Now offering CHRISTMAS & WINTER layouts!

Some new Christmas and winter design kits have been added for you to choose from!!

Christmas #1 kit

Christmas #2 kit

Whimsical Winter kit

Snow Angel kit

Winter Sparkle kit

Interested in giving your blog a little holiday feel?! Just e-mail me using the regular form and let me know you'd like one of these kids!! Same price as always!!
Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by!

I'm here to stylize & customize your blog!! Blogs by Lynn offers several different layout options and design kits to meet your needs! You can get a total bloggie makeover for only $20.00!!!

Ready?! Here is how it works!

The first step is to e-mail me at me know you're interested in a custom blog design. I'll send you a short questionnaire to get an idea of what kind of design/look you're going for. You'll pick out a layout package & design kit that you'd like used for your blog (more on that in a minute).

There are several different layout options offered:

You get:
- 1 custom background
- custom header
- brand new layout
Installation & help as needed

You get:
- 1 or 2 custom backgrounds
- a custom header
- custom signature
- larger posting area
- 2 column layout
Installation and help as needed

You get:
- 2 or 3 custom backgrounds
- a custom header
-custom signature
-larger posting area
- 3 column layout
Installation and help as needed

Don't want a total blog makeover? No problem!
You can just pick up a...
Custom banner for $10.00
Sidebar tabs for $1.00 each
Installation not included

Once you have picked the layout package you want (basic, deluxe, or supreme), you need to pick a Design Kit! You don't have to know which one you want when you e-mail me, but be thinking about it, I'll ask you to pick one once it is your turn! So.... go pick out a design kit!!!

Ready...let's have some fun!!!!